Giorgio Moroder B. Moroder D. Moroder Dž. Moroderis F. Moroder G Moroder G, Moroder G: Moroder G. G. Morodor G. Goroder G. Maroder G. Modober G. Mododer G. Moode R. G. Moroder G. Morodor G. Mororder G.A. Moroder G.M. G.Moroder Georg Moroder George George Moroder Georgie Moroder Georgio Georgio Moroder Georgio Morodor Giogio Moroder Giorgi Moroder Giorgio Giorgio And Friends Giorgio G. Moroder Giorgio M. Giorgio Maroder Giorgio Mordoer Giorgio Moroder Project Giorgio Morodor Giorgio Morogder Giorgio Morrodor Giorgio Morrone Giorgio-Moroder Giorgo Moroder Giorio Moroder Girogio Moroder Gm Gorge Moroder Gorgio Moroder Griogio Moroder J. Moroder M. Giorgio M.Giorgio Maroder Master Gio Morader Morder Moroda Morode Moroder Moroder G. Moroder Giorgio Moroder, G. Moroder, Giorgio Morodor Morris Morroder Sheila Ferguson Дж. Мородер Джорджио Мородер Джорджо Джорджо Мородэр ジョルジオ・モローデル Einzelgänger (2) Johnny Schilling Musicland Set Stammer The Hammer The Beepers (2) Children Of The Mission Common Cause (3) Giorgio And The Morodians Giorgio Moroder Project Inter-Mission Munich Machine Rock Romance Spinach (3) Stop Studio Group The Banana Crew

    Real Name:
    Giovanni Giorgio Moroder
    Einzelgänger (2)
    Johnny Schilling
    Stammer The Hammer
    The Beepers (2)
    Musicland Set
    Italian musician, complete in every aspect (Ortisei, Trentino-Alto Adige, April 26, 1940). Composer, arranger, producer, performer and DJ. Winner of 3 Academy Awards, 3 Grammy Awards, 3 Golden Globes, USA, is considered one of the most innovative and influential musicians in electronic and disco music. Founder of [l265005], in the 70s invented the [i]Munich Sound[/i] (often confused with [i]Italo-Disco[/i] which will arrive later) and created the first icons with [a=Donna Summer] and [a=Roberta Kelly]. Today is back to DJing for passion ..