Bobby Orlando "Bobby Orlando" B Orlando B. Banora B. Orando B. Orland B. Orlando B.Orlando Bob Orlando Bobby Bobby ''O'' Bobby 'O Bobby 'O' Bobby 'O' Orlando Bobby " O " Bobby "O" Bobby "O" Orlando Bobby «O» Bobby O Bobby O. Bobby"O" Orland Orlando Robert Orlando Robert Philip Orlando Robert Phillip Orlando Robert Phillipp Orlando Rossi C. Shore Cha Cha Garcia John "Gumball" Gonzales Klaus Voegel Mein The Babby 1 Plus 1 Barbie & The Kens Beachfront Bobby "O" & His Banana Republic Bubba & The Jack Attack Charlene Davis Claus V. Condo Darlene Down Dressed To Kill Fascination (3) Focus 1 Free Enterprise Gina Desire Girls Have Fun Girly Gomez Presley Gringo Lopez Hippies With Haircuts Hotline (2) House Of 'O' Ian Darby Johnny Bankcheck Joy Toy Lifestyle Lilly & the Pink Lola (31) M.C. Fritz & The P-Rockers Malibu (2) Mandarine Miss Tammi Dee Nancy Dean New Breed Oh Romeo One & Two Teenies One-Two-Three Patty Phillipe Sandra Ford Something Anything Spooge Boy Teen-Rock The Beat Box Boys The Boyd Brothers The College Boys The Fem-Spies The Flirts The I-Spies The New York Models Vision 1 Waterfront Home Wow Zwei Maenner

    Real Name:
    Robert Phillip Orlando
    Klaus Voegel
    C. Shore
    Cha Cha Garcia
    The Babby
    John "Gumball" Gonzales
    American record producer, composer, dance music artist, and musician.