Prince @3RDEYEGIRL @PRINCE3EG Extra Prince His Majesty Prince P. Mann P. Rince Princ Prince (Paisley Park) Prince & The Revolution Prince 1958-1993 Prince Nelson PRN Принс プリンス 王子 Alexander Nevermind Azifwekaré Camille (3) Christopher Ecnirp Freddie "The Phantom" Gemini (90) Jamie Starr Joey Coco John Lewis (23) King (34) P. Mann Paisley Park Prince Rogers Nelson Rocker Happyfeller The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince) The New Power Generation Drum Corp The Starr * Company The Symbol Tora Tora (5)

    Real Name:
    Prince Rogers Nelson
    Joey Coco
    Gemini (90)
    Paisley Park
    The Symbol
    The New Power Generation Drum Corp
    King (34)
    The Starr * Company
    P. Mann
    The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince)
    Camille (3)
    Prince Rogers Nelson
    Jamie Starr
    Alexander Nevermind
    Rocker Happyfeller
    John Lewis (23)
    Freddie "The Phantom"
    Tora Tora (5)
    American multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter who also runs [l=NPG Records] following his high profile disputes with his previous record company. Inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. Previously had a vanity label, [l5115], while under [l1000]. Prince has had various websites which he has used to release music, including the [l621914], [l823915], [l873417] and [l873416]. He now provides sporadic [l937873] exclusives. Father is pianist and songwriter [a=John L. Nelson]. Sister is recording artist [a=Tyka Nelson]. Half-sister is [a79020]. Prince was married from 1996 - 1999 to [a=Mayte]. Owner of two doves, [a4501720] and [a4501719].