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    Real Name:
    Uwe-Michael Wischhof
    No Name (7)
    Mike Mareen was born on November, 9th 1949 in Berlin (West Germany). First, he was a drummer, but later he was the singer of the group Cemetery Institution (non-disco) and performed in Hamburg´s legendary 'Star Club', where The Beatles used to play in their beginnings. Then he became a sailor, went to New York and spent some years there. Back in Germany again, he released his biggest success hit "Love Spy" in 1986, followed by "Dancing In The Dark" and "Agent Of Liberty", a great disco track as well. In the same year Mike released his first album entitled: "Dance Control". After one year later in 1987 he released his second album called: "Let's Start Now". This album included his new super-hit: "Don't Talk To The Snake". Both albums were released by well-known Germany Label Zyx Records. Mike like many disco artists has wrote and produced tracks released by other artists. He produced hit like: "Birthday Girl" by ITALO-DISCO star Dj's Project and "Win The Race", performed by Amadeus Liszt. In 1997 DJ Shah & Espirito by Label Zyx Records released new remix his song: "Dancing in the Dark".