Michael Jackson J.Jackson Jacko Jackson Jackson, Michael Joe Jaxson Just Michael M J M Jackson M, Jackson M. Jackson M. J. M. J. Jackson M. Jackson M.J M.J. M.J. Jackson M.J.Jackson M.Jackson Michael Michael J Michael J. Michael J. Jackson Michael Jack50n = マイケル・ジャクソン Michael Jack5on Michael Jackson (Mijac Music) Michael Jackson / Captain Eo Michael Jackson's Michael Jacson Michael Jakson Michael Joe Jackson MichaelJackson Micheal Jackson Mick Flower Mickaël Mickael Jackson Mickel Jackson MJ MJ For Africa MJ The One MJ5 Майкл Джексон Майкъл Джексън マイケル・ジャクソン 迈克尔·杰克逊 邁克爾·杰克遜 Alien Chasm Jock The Jackson 5 The Jacksons The Wiz Stars USA For Africa

    Real Name:
    Michael Joseph Jackson
    Alien Chasm Jock
    Michael Joseph Jackson, also known as the King of Pop. An American singer, dancer, musician, music producer, writer, entertainer, singer-songwriter, choreographer, record producer, recording artist, poet, arranger, businessman, philanthropist, actor, voice artist and comedian. Jackson began his career as the youngest member of The Jackson 5 and started his solo recording career in 1971. Brother of recording artists [a=Jackie Jackson], [a=Janet Jackson], [a=Jermaine Jackson], [a=La Toya Jackson], [a=Marlon Jackson], [a=Randy Jackson], [a=Rebbie Jackson] & [a=Tito Jackson], as well as uncle of [a=3T]. Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 (as performer). [b]Born:[/b] August 29, 1958, Gary, Indiana, USA. [b]Died:[/b] June 25, 2009, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, USA. (Jackson initially ceased breathing at his rented mansion in Holmby Hills, LA. Following repeated attempts at resuscitation, he was then pronounced clinically dead at the medical center).